R2GEAR Vision

“We support the expedition for mankind’s progress”

What We Believe

R2GEAR supports the expedition for mankind’s progress.There is no New World any more. New idea and invention, however, is the New World in his time.Somebody have to take risk and make the road to it.

What We Do

R2GEAR develops and sells outdoor gears.People who love outdoor activities has a longing for the expedition to unknown world. We think smart technology is more valuable in outdoor activities than it is in the daily routine of urban life. We provide the gears essential for our clients’ expedition.

How We Work

R2GEAR sells outdoor gears tested by the members and develops things that we think is necessary but isn’t in the market. We invest in R&D to make innovative and essential products.

Who We Are

R2GEAR has founded by 4 members who are experts in their own field and share the same value of pursuing innovative outdoor gear. The journey to unknown world of innovation has embarked. Unforeseeable adventure and challenge are our fuel.

Our Team


“R2GEAR waiting for the ability person to support.”

Join the resistance!!